Are you looking for cancer support?

If so, welcome — you’ve come to the right place!

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Hello, I’m Preet — a Certified Professional Cancer Coach and Breast Cancer Expert.

I specialize in integrative cancer care.

My mission is to help ease your fears, find ways to lessen your treatment side effects, and to discourage the initiation, promotion, and progression of your cancer… for a safe and early recovery.

You might be wondering…
What is integrative cancer care?

Integrative cancer care involves focusing on you as a whole person and not just a cancer diagnosis. While your Oncologist’s job is to focus on treating your cancer, a cancer coach’s focus is on helping you learn the best way to support yourself during and after your treatment.

Maintaining your health and strengthening your immune system can help minimize the side effects of cancer treatment, as well as encourage cancer recovery. By addressing 4 key pillars of cancer care you can take back control of your health!

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“I welcome the opportunity to provide you with an expertly monitored, personal advantage to understanding and managing your cancer.”
~ Cancer Coach Preet

What’s a Cancer Coach?

A cancer coach is someone who can advocate on your behalf, provide you with integrative options you may have never even thought of and/or didn’t even know existed, and hold a place for you to cry, laugh, and celebrate victories both small and large. A cancer coach is also someone who will work with you to help you formulate an integrative treatment plan that works for you. A cancer coach is especially someone who you know will have your back!

A Cancer Coach …

  • Is the physician’s and your newest partner in overcoming cancer.
  • Offers science & evidence-based integrative options specific to you.
  • Empowers to make intelligent, appropriate & confident treatment choices that will encourage your safe and early recovery.

Cancer Coaches can

Optimize your health, your quality of life and your clinical treatment success. Empowerment is priceless!

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My Coaching Services

I welcome the opportunity to provide you with an expertly monitored, personal advantage to understanding and managing your cancer.

Personalized Coaching

A cancer coach is someone who can act as an advocate for you, who could explain your treatment options in a way that you understand so that you feel like you are actually in control and not overwhelmed.

It’s someone who could show you some simple lifestyle modifications that would help you find ways to mitigate treatment side effects and encourage your recovery.